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Amnesty supporters are making the world a fairer place. Because of the actions of individuals, lives have been saved, unfair laws have changed, the wrongfully imprisoned have been released. Your actions make a difference.

write for rights 2022

This year Amnesty’s global letter-writing marathon is all about the right to protest, featuring 13 people whose lives have been negatively impacted by governments’ crackdown on this precious right. Read about the cases.

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protect the protest!

Throughout history, protest has been a powerful tool for change. But governments around the world are cracking down on protests and it must be protected. Add your voice to our global call to protect the protest today.

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It’s time to pay up!
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It’s time for Qatar and FIFA to pay up! Urge Qatar and FIFA to fulfill their obligations and provide remedy for all migrant workers who suffered labour abuses to make the 2022 World Cup possible.

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