The world is changing. These are challenging times for justice and human rights, with battles over natural and other resources, rising inequality, increasing movement of people within and across borders, ongoing crises and conflicts, and unlawful actions by states against crime and terrorism. More and more people are striving to get their voices heard speaking out online or on the streets. We are outraged but we stay hopeful, we roll with the punches. Despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles, we stay steadfast to our cause. We give importance to our freedoms in the name of those who fight many different battles towards a world where everyone enjoys all human rights.

Amnesty International Philippines believes that inspiring people into taking action on behalf of those whose rights have been violated or abused ensures that no one is ever left behind, alone or forgotten.

Gala Launch and Awarding Ceremonies

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There is always someone somewhere speaking out and standing up for another.

In honor of the unwavering commitment of human rights defenders, Amnesty International launched Ignite Awards for Human Rights in celebration of its 30th anniversary on 28 May 2017 in the Philippines and as a way to give back to the human rights community in the country.

Ignite Awards for Human Rights, the first ever human rights awards in the country, aims to recognize human rights defenders who brought about impact by changing peoples lives, policies, activism, accountability through their human rights work. Ignite Awards also serves as a tool in transforming the perception of Filipinos on human rights by showing that even ordinary people can do human rights extraordinary work.

For more than half a century, Amnesty International has defended human right against attempts by governments across the globe to stifle religious dissent, political opposition and artistic creativity. Most actions done in order to protect these rights are taken by human rights defenders without fear or favor.

Awarding Categories