Demand that human rights violations stop. Make your voice heard by joining Amnesty International’s network of more than a million activists around the globe.

When you join Amnesty International, you become part of a worldwide movement. As an individual member, or as part of a local group or a specialist network, your individual voice will join with countless others to build pressure for change.

If you live in the Philippines, you can invest in the progress of human rights on an international scale by sharing your time, skills, commitment and money to Amnesty International.

Everyone’s help is needed for the movement to secure and safeguard human rights.

Become an individual member.

Organize people from your school, community or locality to take a more active part in human rights work.

Join or form a local group.

Your spare time can be spent on helping AI campaign for human rights and its other operational work. To name a few, volunteers can help out in conducting workshops, organizing projects and events or monitoring news releases about human rights.

Be a volunteer.

Take your activism to the next level! Volunteers and interns make an important contribution to the work of the national secretariat in implementing Amnesty Philippines’ programs and projects while developing their knowledge, skills and activism.

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