Volunteer and Internship Program

Take your activism to the next level

Working for Amnesty International, whether as staff, volunteer or intern is an opportunity to make a difference in the defense and realization of human rights of peoples of the world.  Volunteers and interns make an important contribution to the work of the national secretariat in implementing Amnesty Philippines’ programs and projects while developing their knowledge, skills and activism.

Internship is for academic requirements and we require a minimum of 100 hours for a defined period.  Volunteer work may take an hour or months depending on the arrangement with Amnesty Philippines.  We will match your application with available projects and activities so you may enjoy your work and find it fulfilling.

Interns and volunteers contributed to the success of Amnesty Philippines annual Write for Rights (W4R), Human Rights Education (HRE) workshops, membership servicing and mobilization, Artists for Amnesty, and Human Rights Day celebrations such as the U2: The Joshua Tree Concert Tour at the Philippine Arena and Martial Law Bloodlines to name a few. 

Due to the National Secretariat’s Hybrid work arrangement, the VIP Program is temporarily on hold until further notice.

Meanwhile you may still take action for human rights by signing our online petitions, and joining our Protect The Protest Global Campaign.