A play on the word ‘artifact’, ‘ART+FACTS’ symbolizes the role artists play in upholding the truth through their art and in countering disinformation.

All works of art also serve as ‘artifacts’ for the advocacies artists support towards building a human rights future for a better Philippines.

Amnesty International Philippines collaborates with Filipino artists to introduce an inclusive online space where art and advocacy meet.

Artists for Amnesty Philippines

Art for Amnesty is a global project that aims to increase artistic support for Amnesty’s human rights work.

Since Amnesty’s founding 60 years ago, artists have been at the forefront of support for Amnesty International. Artists have always valued the freedoms and rights that Amnesty works to protect as an integral condition of their creative expression.

Amnesty Philippines started working with artists in the early 90s.

UDHR 50 was celebrated in 1998 with notable artists who later came to be known as Artists for Amnesty Philippines or A4A. Finally, after a decade of partnerships and joint events, a convention was held in 2012, following the massive support from over 200 artist groups from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao for [email protected] celebrations in 2011. Since then, Amnesty Philippines and A4A have worked together on various campaigns focusing on Freedom of Expression – a series of events called ‘Word of Mouth’ which also brought international artists in the Philippines such as UK-based duo, Ooberfuse, in 2015 and long-time Amnesty supporter, U2, during their Joshua Tree World Tour in 2019 where they carried the Write for Rights campaign.

Collaboration in the time of COVID-19

Amnesty Philippines recognized the challenges brought about the pandemic that many artists are facing, an opportunity to help presented itself for Human Rights Week 2021. After several discussions with artists on how to uplift their livelihood, Amnesty Philippines has decided to provide a free virtual space where artists can showcase their art and a small honorarium to support them mobilize people to take action for human rights at the same time, the project is called ‘ART+FACTS’.

Showcase in ART+FACTS virtual exhibition on Kunstmatrix.

Amnesty Ph would like to collaborate with you!

For Human Rights Week 2021, we are launching the ART+FACTS virtual exhibition where all artists from different genres – music, literature, visual and performance art, will be featured. We welcome you to register and submit your artwork!

As a campaigning hook, we have Amnesty’s annual Write for Rights 2021, celebrating 20 years of taking action for individuals whose rights are at risk in various parts of the world.

You may submit scanned/digital version of your art, photographs, laid out soft copies of your poetry, film trailers, videos of your performances for musicians, poets, theater artists.

The initial phase of the ART+FACTS digital exhibition will run from December 2021 until January 2022 for Write for Rights. You can submit artwork specifically on the following themes:

  • Violence Against Women
  • Armed Conflict
  • Children’s Rights
  • Freedom of Expression
  • LGBTI+ Rights
  • Environmental Rights
  • Indigenous Peoples Rights

All rights on the artwork stay with the artists, as well as ensuing income while on exhibit.

Amnesty International Philippines shall not, in anyway, profit from this project.

For inquiries, contact us at [email protected]