Spotlight: Protect the Protest Illustrators

Amnesty International has partnered with incredible artists to show why protest matters – visit our space at Kunsmatrix to see the art works and take action for Write for Rights!

Protest is a human right because it allows people to stand up for what they believe in. This precious right is under attack all over the world right now. Will you join us in protecting it?

Meet the ART+FACTS Artists for Protect the Protest

Lian Cho is a Taiwanese born illustrator who currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. She is the illustrator of many picture books for children. Her debut author/illustrator picture book, Oh, Olive! will be published fall 2023 by HarperCollins.

Camila Rosa is a Brazilian Artist and Illustrator based in Sao Paulo. She started her life as an artist in 2010 with a female street art collective and since then she has worked worldwide in advertising, editorial, art exhibitions, fashion, beauty, and graphic design. Her work approaches social issues and subjects that she cares about from an alternative perspective.

Recently, as an outspread of her practice, Camila also has been painting murals both for commercial and personal projects.

Her client experience includes Apple, Nike, Spotify, Adidas, The Wall Street Journal, WeTransfer, The New York Times, and many others. Camila’s work was featured in exhibitions worldwide such as Hear Our Voice by’s March (US), Ten Years of Social (UK), When She Rises (US), Soft Heart (HK), etc.

Siddesh Gautam is a New Delhi based multi-discipline, mixed-media artist, designer, treasure hunter, fallen angel, and soul searcher. Their work is a personification of their personal spiritual journey. They share their glasses with the world in the hope of inspiring a deeper connection between people through visual art. Their work is to encourage people to live deeply, love fearlessly, and to appreciate this heavenly place called Earth.

While minimalism and post-modernist thought are the main influence of their work, it is based on in-depth research on the subject. They aim to create much more than superficially beautiful objects. Their work is meant to challenge the audience preconceptions, expand the mind, honor the sacred, and evoke feelings of adventure, exploration, and deeper connection with the self.

Tamara-Jade is an artist and educator based in East London, UK. Tamara-Jade’s art practice explores themes of marginalised identity, social justice and community, primarily through illustration. She is a member of the Designers and Cultural Workers branch of United Voices of the World trade union and the Association of Illustrators.

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