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Since its beginnings as a movement in 1961, Amnesty International has always included personal letter writing as one of its main campaign methods. Many have already spoken out in defense of human rights by simply taking a few minutes to write a letter.  Since 2001, the organization has collected millions of messages written in support of people who are unjustly detained or persecuted, and Write for Rights has become the world’s biggest human rights event.

The last 20 years of Write for Rights shows words really do have power.

Secretary General, Agnès Callamard

Imagine being locked away, alone, not knowing if anyone cares where you are. Now imagine receiving a letter from someone you don’t know, telling you they believe in you. That’s what real letters can do: bring hope to people in the direst of situations. And when they arrive in huge numbers, they are also an unmistakable reminder to the prison authorities and others that the world is watching.

Those letters not only bring great solace, but they can also help make people safer. If you want to lend your pen to this kind of direct action, learn more about out Write for Rights 2023 cases and take action.


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Simple and sincere.

The letters themselves don’t have to be long and detailed. Simple ones are more effective tools for calling out on human rights violations. You don’t have to be an expert on human rights nor a veteran campaigner to write an effective letter. As long as you’re able to clearly express your concern for human rights, you have done your part as an individual AIPh activist. The key is not to be sensational, but to be sincere.

I can never give enough thanks. These [letters] give me strength. It even changed the course of my case as compared to before. It also gives courage to my wife. We are not alone in this fight. Many people also seek justice for us.

Jerryme Corre

Maybe not one, but definitely one thousand.

A letter alone may not save a person from unjust imprisonment, discrimination or outright torture. But a thousand of them can do just that. Your letter may not save a life, but its power to put pressure multiplies when it is one among many. Every letter counts as it helps mount the weight necessary to make a difference in the situation of a victim of a human rights violation.

I am so overwhelmed and happy with all the letters I received from all over the world. And my heart is so full of love and appreciation to all of you. Let’s continue saving our one and only home.

Marinel Ubaldo


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