AmnestyPh is hiring!


1. Transcriptionist

The Transcriptionist will listen or watch audio/ video recordings of the Ignite Convo episodes for year 2022 and type the contents as text format.

The Transcriptionist will be –

  • Downloading audio/ video files as needed
  • Listening or watching videos of Ignite Conversations episodes
  • Writing into text format following required/ agreed format
  • Reviewing accuracy of own work including grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Uploading or submitting by email all completed work
  • Revising work when needed based on feedback from MCP Officer

We are seeking candidates with –

  1. Excellent listening skills in English and Filipino
  2. Excellent typing skills
  3. Able to use media player/s for listening to audio/ video files
  4. Able to use Word for typing the text format
  5. Has own laptop and internet access

Candidates will be working remotely or in their homes and must be able to start immediately.

Download and complete the AIPh application form here, and send the to [email protected].

2. Ignite Awards Trophy Artist 

Amnesty International Philippines is looking for an artist to design and produce the Ignite Awards for Human Rights Season 3 trophy.

The theme for this year’s Ignite Awards is “Protect the Protest” – highlighting the right to protest as a powerful tool for change. Celebrating human rights defenders who speak out peacefully for themselves and for others, and standing up to loudly remind those in power that the right to protest is inalienable, that people must have the freedom to express grievances, and to demand change freely, collectively and publicly.  

Job Responsibilities:

  • Create three design studies for the Ignite Awards trophy
  • Modify and revise final design upon advise
  • Produce a prototype of the final approved design
  • Reproduce four copies of the trophy based on prototype revisions

Artist Qualifications:

  • Extensive design portfolio
  • Relevant work experience as an artist or designer is preferred
  • Excellent eye for aesthetic design
  • Strong knowledge of industry trends
  • Good understanding of human rights and this season’s theme

If interested, kindly submit the following to [email protected] on or before 26 September 2022:

  • Trophy Design Proposal
  • Artist’s Portfolio
  • Completed Job Application form here.

We are doing a rolling application process until the September deadline.

3. Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer

The PMEL Officer will be –

  • Developing and enhancing the PMEL system, processes, and tools and orienting end-users to familiarize them towards institutionalizing the system.
  • Preparing planning and evaluation packs for the annual planning session and year-end evaluation.
  • Finalizing the draft annual plan in close coordination with the section director, managers, and program/ project officers.
  • Facilitating monitoring and evaluation processes in close coordination with department heads for the preparation of progress reports.
  • Analyzing submitted monitor trackers and developing recommendations to improve department/work unit performance in case of identified challenges.
  • Documenting lessons learned based on monitoring and evaluation report and sharing the learning across the organization to inform future planning activities and departmental work performance
  • Preparing reports and information/ data for approval of the section director and communicating the same to the board of trustees.
  • Safekeeping of all board documents such as minutes of meetings, resolutions, etc and effect a systematic filing system for easy retrieval
  • Supporting the board, its committees, and By-Laws mandated committees in the effective conduct of governance work
  • Attending to requirements mandated by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Coordinating the administrative and technical requirements in the preparation and conduct of various general meetings
  • Designing the processes and tools and providing resources/ information to enable smooth functioning of the general meetings and its committees such as nominations, elections, etc

We are seeking candidates with –

  1. Bachelor’s degree preferably in development studies or development communications
  2. Training and/or experience in design, implementation, and customization of PMEL tools
  3. At least four years relevant experience in PMEL preferably in non-profit or development sector
  4. Training and/or experience in governance for non-profits
  5. Excellent written and verbal communications skills in Filipino and English; preferably skilled in Bisaya too
  6. Proficiency in technology to facilitate PMEL processes
  7. Values aligned with human rights principles and Amnesty International’s vision, mission, and core values

Candidates must be willing to work in a hybrid setting and available to start immediately.  This is a fixed term position until December 2023.

Download and complete the AIPh application form here, and send the to [email protected].

4. Growth Officer  

This is a permanent position who coordinates the growth and development of AIPh members, formations, and supporters to enable their meaningful participation in creating a human rights culture locally and globally.  This position ensures members and formations are supported with appropriate activities, resources and tools for their local activism and organizational participation.

In particular –

  • Researching on different growth and activism approaches and collaborating with various stakeholders for the development of a growth strategy suitable to AIPh’s context together with the Growth Committee
  • Analyzing database constituency reports and integrating the analysis of other programs in drafting and presenting constituency growth and activism reports
  • Leading the planning and implementation of the annual growth operational plan
  • Implementing monitoring & evaluation to inform areas for improvement in both the strategy and the operational plan
  • Identifying potential leads for recruitment as members following launching of spotlight campaigns and other local campaigns
  • Conducting onboarding program to recruited members to socialize them to AIPh work environment and the broader AI movement
  • Organizing local and regional formations in strategic areas
  • Designing retention program to sustain active engagement of existing members, formations and supporters and future recruits
  • Mobilizing members, formations, and supporters by orienting and deploying them in campaign activities
  • Continuing communication with stakeholders via different messaging platforms
  • Conducting visits and check-ins with members and formations
  • Preparing and implementing development interventions and resources to build management capacities of new officers of local groups and regional formations
  • Resolving conflicts among members and formations following approved protocols in collaboration with the grievance committee for members
  • Orienting officers of formations on the reporting requirements, tools, and forms of national secretariat in relation to their activities, output, impact, financial support received, etc
  • Facilitating closing down and exit requirements necessary to clear remaining obligations of concerned formations

We are looking for candidates with –

  • Bachelor’s degree preferably in the field of community development, social work, or social sciences
  • 4-5 years relevant experience in the development sector or in a non-profit organization
  • Training on project management, community organizing and development, participatory methodologies, constituency engagement
  • Experience in networking and partnerships, managing staff and volunteers/ interns, facilitation, conflict management, working with diverse individuals and groups of people
  • Ability to communicate clearly in both written and oral forms of Filipino and English; Bisaya is highly desirable
  • Understanding of the organization’s vision, mission, and core values

We are doing a rolling application process.  The successful candidate will start in August 2022 on a hybrid work set-up which combines work-from-home, fieldwork, and some office reporting.

Download and complete the AIPh application form here, and send the to [email protected].