RightUp is here!

RightUp is Amnesty International’s first youth-led research project. An exhilarating initiative, inviting young minds to actively participate in our research processes. Gone are the days when only adults with specific qualifications held the reins of research.

RightUp challenges the status quo and empowers this generation to contribute, learn, and shape the world. Get ready to revolutionize research with us!

RightUp aims to recognise and resource youth expertise to proactively lead, contribute to, and shape Amnesty research. By providing training and skills-building programs, the project will support young Filipinos to conduct their own research on young people’s digital rights in the Philippines.

Importance of Youth-Led Research  

Young people are experts in the realities, issues and challenges they experience. This means they are well placed to identify the key human rights issues that are affecting them and their peers. From a rights-based perspective, young people should be able to actively participate in research that will inform policies that will shape their lives, both now and in the future.

Projected Timeline

⚡October 2023: Application Period. ⚡ This is your chance to tell us about your previous experience as well as your interests and motivations for applying for the project – make sure to complete the application form to give you the best chance of being asked to interview! To apply: Hit the Apply Now button at the end of the page.  At the end of the screening process, 8-10 applicants will be invited to join the RightUp Youth Team.

👋 November2023: Kickoff Workshop. 👋 We’ll be having a 4-day in-person workshop some introductions and bonding exercises to help you mesh as a team. There will also be sessions on Human Rights Education, Research Methodologies, and Wellbeing. You’ll also spend time with your teammates exploring the possible research topics.

✍️ December 2023 – February 2024: Scoping. ✍️This will be your group work period. By conducting desk research, surveys and the like, you will work together as a team to deep dive into the issues you explored during the kick off workshop in a quest to find your research topic.

🚀 February 2024: Research Workshop 🚀1-week workshop. During this workshop, you will be working together to design your strategy and research methodology, and create a research plan. You will also undergo workshops on the participatory action research methodology, tools for data collection, and stakeholder mapping and engagement among many others. The goal is to arm you with what you need to get your research started.

💅 January – June 2024: Data Collection, Categorization, and Analysis. 💅 Let the research begin! Like the title says, you’ll spend this time working together to gather your data, find evidence from multiple literature and sources.. We’ll regroup in a face-to-face workshop in June to verify and analyze data, and also brainstorm the output creation process.

July – October 2024: Output Creation, Publication, and Advocacy. This is all about sharing your knowledge! You will learn about Amnesty’s House style publication, but also explore other ways to create youth and child-friendly outputs that come in engaging formats, such as comics, zines, videos, podcasts, or social media content. By the end of this phase, you will have a published research output ready for circulation.

December 2024: Evaluation and Celebration. We’ll be looking back on your research journey and celebrate the accomplishments you’ve made along the way. We’ll also be reflecting on the learnings and look towards how this project can further contribute to your personal growth.

Other Reminders 

Application deadline is 26 October 2023. We will be processing applications on a rolling basis and begin with interviews on 12 October 2023.  

Late applications will not be entertained.  

If you have any questions about RightUp, you may  email us at [email protected].  

After you apply, whether or not you are selected, you may choose to get involved in some of Amnesty Philippines’ other work. You can find out more about that and how to become a member here.