Form a Group

If you want to take a more active part in AIPh’s work, then join a group or you can form one in your school, community or locality. The local groups are focal points of our membership activities, particularly for awareness raising, letterwriting, campaigning and local fundraising.

AIPh has 27 local groups in 10 regions, and more than a hundred individuals coming from diverse backgrounds.

Start your own Amnesty local group today, talk to us.


  1. Gather at least five (5) AIPh members of good standing.
  2. Contact the Membership Development Coordinator at the National Secretariat to coordinate an orientation in organizing and maintaining an AIPh group.
  3. The orientation will be followed by a planning session of the group of their proposed activities for six (6) months.
  4. The six-month plan will be submitted to the Secretariat together with the names and contact details of the members.
  5. The group shall be assigned a group-in-formation (GIF) number and will be under observation for 6 months. This period is for their training through limited campaigning while concentrating on learning about AI and on building the group’s resources.
  6. The group’s activities and progress will be supported and monitored by the National Secretariat.
  7. After six months, a “group” status shall be given if the group has proven it has the capacity to become an AI group.
  8. The group will be presented at the upcoming Membership General Assembly

For more information, contact the national secretariat office or email your concerns at [email protected]