Rights Based Governance

Amnesty Philippines has been heavily involved in the crafting and effective lobbying for the passage of various laws in the past years. These include Violence Against Women and Children Act, the Anti-Abuse of Women in Intimate Relationships, Magna Carta of Women, Responsible Parenthood Act, Repeal of the Death Penalty Law, Juvenile Justice Act, the Anti-Torture Act, Anti Disappearance Act, and the Philippine ratification of the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of The Child (children in armed conflict), the Rome Statute to the International Criminal Court and the Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture.

Amnesty International Philippines continue to be in the forefront in pushing for human rights laws and policies in the country. It is currently pushing for the passage of laws that will ensure the protection of human rights defenders, strengthen the Philippine Commission on Human Rights, establish a preventive mechanism against torture, make acts of discrimination illegal against the marginalized and vulnerable, amend the witness protection program repeal discriminatory policies against women and repeal cyber libel.

Amnesty Philippines is also working to counter efforts to adopt a new anti-terror law and reinstate capital punishment.