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Demand a ceasefire by all parties to end civilian suffering

The unparalleled escalation of hostilities between Israel, Hamas and other armed groups has taken a devastating toll on civilians. The level of casualties and scale of destruction in the occupied Gaza Strip is unprecedented. Countless lives have been shattered, ripped apart, and upended. In January 2024 the International Court of Justice ordered Israel to implement six provisional measures to protect Palestinians in Gaza against a real risk of genocide.

With each day that passes more lives are lost and the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza is getting worse. Sign our petition to call for an immediate ceasefire by all parties to end civilian bloodshed and ensure humanitarian aid access to Gaza. 

What is the problem?

Israel’s ruthless bombardment continues to kill Palestinians in Gaza at a staggering rate. Over 28,000 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed in four months and over 60,000 people have been wounded, including thousands left permanently disabled.

Much of northern Gaza has been destroyed and at least 75% of Gaza’s entire population is now internally displaced.  Gaza’s healthcare system has been largely destroyed. At least 132 Israeli hostages taken by Hamas and other armed groups are still being held in Gaza and remain in danger.

The shockingly high death toll, widespread destruction, engineered hunger and malnutrition, deliberate denial of humanitarian aid as part of an illegal siege, racist and dehumanizing rhetoric by Israeli officials, and the wider context of Israel’s apartheid system are all warning signs of genocide against Palestinians in Gaza. In January 2024 the International Court of Justice ruled that there is a real risk of genocide and ordered Israel to take preliminary measures to protect civilians.  

Meanwhile, the United States has abused its veto power to block the UN Security Council from calling for a ceasefire that could alleviate human suffering in Gaza, put an end to unlawful attacks by all parties, help secure the release of hostages, and enable aid agencies to get life-saving aid, water, and medical supplies into the Strip.  

With no end in sight to the death and destruction we are witnessing, now, more than ever humanity must prevail!

Sign the petition

permanent ceasefire now!

Sign our petition and urge world leaders to call for an immediate ceasefire by all parties and put an end to the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza.  

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