Well-being workbook shows how happiness and activism can co-exist

This is Amnesty International’s second volume in its series ‘Staying Resilient While Trying to Save The World’ – a well-being workbook for youth activists.

Written alongside youth activists and informed by the realities faced by young people around the world, Staying Resilient While Trying to Save The World, Volume 2, shows how happiness and activism can co-exist.

The aim of the workbook is to support youth activists in their journey to strengthen their self-care and make us all recognize the need to look after each other as we stand up for human rights. When we care for each other, it is possible to sustain activism and balance it with happiness.

This workbook builds on the Fanzine, which is Volume 1 in the series. A comic written and created by young people from all over the Americas designed to give youth ideas that could help them avoid the most common pitfalls of being an activist.

Volume 2, the workbook, offers a combination of first-person stories, graphics, theory and exercises, covering 17 different topics, including why it’s OK to seek professional help; how to respond to micro-aggressions; symptoms of stress, anxiety and burn out; as well as techniques on how to manage them.

As young people continue to come together to bravely fight for a just and equal world, self-care has never been so important – and this workbook provides the tools needed to take care of yourself and each other as part of your activism.

Meet Manu Gaspar, he advocates for youth who are at the bottom of cultural, economic and political power structures in the Philippines.

As a member of Amnesty International’s Global Youth Collective he worked with other young people to create Amnesty International’s, Staying Resilient While Trying To Save The World, Volume 2.

“I hope we build back a fairer and greener world in 2021. As the pandemic resurfaced our systemic failures, it has led to a collective reimagining of another, more equal future for all – 2021 is our opportunity to make it possible. I hope to contribute by being a better listener and a visible ally to peers and communities across our movement.” Manu said.