Lead the change against culture of hate

Media Quote

Responding to the recent news on discrimination experienced by Gretchen Diez, Amnesty International Philippines said today:

“Members of the LGBTI community, especially transgender and gender non-conforming people, are often at risk of social exclusion. What happened to Gretchen Diez inside a mall, located in a city where an anti-discrimination ordinance is supposedly implemented, is a harsh reminder that there is failure in raising public awareness on gender-based discrimination and proper education in ending homophobia and transphobia, which are part and parcel of having a city ordinance,

“Gender stereotypes are damaging to all involved, defining and limiting how people are expected to behave a certain way. Removing these stereotypes sets everyone, not only LGBTI people, free to achieve their full potential, free from discrimination,

“Amnesty International Philippines would also like to remind corporations and businesses as well that they are bound to provide comprehensive Gender and Sensitivity Trainings including SOGIESC for all employees as provided by the city’s anti-discrimination ordinance and GAD program,

“Fighting for laws that are more inclusive regardless of peoples’ sexual orientation and gender identity is one step to allow LGBTI people the protection that they are entitled to. But it is everyday discrimination that is more challenging to deal with, such as not being able to use a public toilet. For in order to change the culture of hate, we need to change mindsets first.”