Take Action for Alfreda Disbarro: Philippines

Send a letter to Acting Inspector General Alexander Roldan using the sample letter below.

Acting Inspector General Alexander Roldan,

I strongly urge the Philippine National Police Internal Affairs Service (PNP IAS) to open an investigation into the allegations of torture and other ill-treatment suffered by Alfreda Disbarro in October 2013 while in custody at the Paranaque Police Headquarters, and ensure that this investigation is prompt, impartial, effective and efficient. If the investigation confirms the torture allegations, we strongly urge that the PNP IAS to:

– Refer the case for public prosecution and cooperate with further investigations as needed by the court;

– Take immediate administrative measures against any police officers who are found to have been involved into the torture and other ill-treatment of Alfreda Disbarro, including those who were complicit in her torture; and,

– Provide a safe space for whistle-blowers within the PNP who wish to report their personal knowledge of torture by their colleagues, including in the case of Alfreda Disbarro.

Ask Inspector General Alexander Roldan

to bring Alfreda’s torturers to justice