Kabataan, Karapatan, Kinabukasan

Media Statement

24 October 2005

Let’s face it, having the faintest and most unrecognized voice in terms of truly engaging in issues on political turmoil and adverse economic situations in the country, the youth is the last one heard. We are only given the opportunity to talk and get our point across for the sake of “tokenism”. A sad fact even after being so often used as mediocre warm bodies for rallies, exploiting our unsullied vigor and idealism.

Yes, we are angry but no, we are not just angry. We are here to let the world know that the youth is not only the future, the youth is the present. We are not only helping make a difference, we work proactively to achieve change.

Its three years short of a decade since we last learned about young people’s right to participation. The process of learning and unlearning has been tedious but we would like to think that the former empowered us so much as to be able to recognize our potentialities as young citizens.

On the 27th – 30th of October, the 7th youth summit on human rights entitled “Kabataan, Karapatan, Kinabukasan” will again be held. A gathering for, with and by the youth, this is our commitment to continuously develop and involve the youth in human rights advocacy through human rights education. This event shall gather around 150 young people from all over the country and engage them in learning for and about human rights.  The summit will include activities, discussions, lectures, film showings, teambuilding, outdoor activities, and creative presentations aimed at contextualizing and assessing human rights issues affecting the youth and identifying concrete practical interventions as response.

We want to, once and for all, claim our respective space and use that space as platform not only for issues relevant to the youth but for all issues period.