Adventures of Karapatana

The Adventures of Karapatana Project introduces, Karapatana, our human rights champion and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) heroine. She is depicted as a strong young woman who defends human rights but like any ordinary human being, she is also vulnerable to difficult circumstances in life.

Read the Adventures of Karapatana Comics to understand how Karapatana became an SRHR heroine.

The comics reveals Karapatana pregnant with Jake’s child. Although she’s a super hero, she begins to doubt her strength, simply because she does not know where or who to turn to for help. She contemplates on the reaction she will get from her Karapatananay, friends and even Jake. That thought alone has made her feel hopeless and helpless until help came in the character of Tina, the health worker.

The Adventures of Karapatana series of videos take off from the comic’s ending showing Karapatana pregnant with Jake’s child. After she gives birth and learns about her SRHR, with the help of Tina, Karapatana continues on her human rights adventures and focuses her time on helping people with SRHR woes.

Episode 1: ‘ When True Love Won’t Wait’

The story revolves around Carlo and Alyssa, a young couple who are in a relationship crossroad – Carlo is ready to take it another level by having sex leaving Alyssa confused on whether to allow this to happen or not. Karapatana comes to Alyssa’s aid. She explains the individual’s right to choose when to have sex and options for family planning.

Episode 2: ‘Express Yourself But Protect Yourself’

Karapatana’s super human hearing ability alerts her that many people were deciding to have sex and she senses that none of them are aware of their SRHR. So Karapatana talks to George, Beth and Alfred, and they discuss the importance of SRHR and other related services,

Episode 3: ‘Be Your Own Super Hero’

We meet Karapatana’s support system in this episode and will get to know different perspectives on SRHR. Amnesty International’s work on SRHR is also discussed.

The criminalization of sexuality and reproduction around the world is a major barrier to human rights, and denies millions of us our human dignity.

This is why Amnesty International has launched Body Politics: Criminalization of Sexuality and Reproduction, a new series of tools to empower activists worldwide to challenge criminalization and stand up for their rights.

Through the Body Politics series, Amnesty International is showing that it’s time to stand up against unjust criminalization of people’s bodies, sexualities, reproduction and gender expression.

The Body Politics Primer helps to build the movement’s knowledge and capacity to challenge unjust criminalization, and the Body Politics Toolkit promotes strategic campaigning on these issues. It is designed to empower activists and individuals to raise awareness and stand up for their rights.

Amnesty International released the Body Politics Training Manual, third part of the series, the later in 2018.