Philippine Human Rights Agenda


The Philippine government, as the duty-bearer, has been amiss in some of its obligations to its rights-holders. In the PHRA campaign, we will work towards eliminating impunity and discrimination in the country.

The Philippine Human Rights Agenda project will challenge abuses of authority, mainly of police power and ensure their accountability on the unnecessary and excessive use of force, extra judicial killings, torture and other ill-treatment, arbitrary arrests, and other systematic abuses deployed during times of interrogation and pre-trial detention. The PHRA will look into abuses within the criminal justice system focusing mainly on access to legal counsel, prosecution, witness protection, and treatment of prisoners.

Amnesty International Philippines will be vigilant in ensuring that duty-bearers protect and promote human rights, in particular ensuring that those at risk of human rights violations, especially the marginalized, are fully protected by laws and policies that are implemented correctly going above and beyond discrimination and impunity

Amnesty International Philippines wishes to work in support of the government in implementing key human rights policies. The project aims to engage civil society partners more for its complimentary work and expertise, as well as communities for them to demand due diligence and state accountability.

Amnesty International believes that in order to deliver change in the lives of the people affected by human rights abuses due to lack of government action can only be resolved by creating a venue for cooperation while giving voice to the voiceless.

Download Amnesty International’s Human Rights Legislative Agenda to the 16th Philippines Congress.

Update to the Legislative Agenda for the SONA2014