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  Press Release 25 June 2016 NOT ONE MORE VICTIM OF TORTURE, UATC URGES   “The Philippines has one of the smallest police-to-population ratios in the world, an overstretched force, predisposed to taking ‘shortcuts’ during arrests and criminal investigations, is the breeding ground...

Duterte, protect not endanger journalists

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC STATEMENT Index: ASA 35/4201/2016 3 June 2016 Philippines: New President Must Protect, not Endanger Journalists Amnesty International is gravely concerned with recent comments by President-elect Rodrigo Duterte suggesting that killing of journalists in the Philippines is justified if they were...

Amnesty on sex workers’ rights

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL PRESS RELEASE Under strict embargo until 00:01 GMT 26 May 2016 Amnesty International publishes policy and research on protection of sex workers’ rights “If a customer is bad you need to manage it yourself to the end. You only...


AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL PHILIPPINES PRESS RELEASE 20 MAY 2016 AMNESTY WARNS DUTERTE, UPHOLD THE RULE OF LAW THE WORLD IS WATCHING The human rights situation in the Philippines is in dire need of uplifting and the recent national election was a...

Amnesty Int’l: Duterte, break cycle of HR violations

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL PRESS RELEASE 10 May 2016 Philippines: New President should break cycle of human rights violations, not compound them Amnesty International spokespersons available for interview If President-elect Rodrigo Duterte is serious about introducing change in the Philippines, he must turn his back...

UN torture review must spur reforms

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL MEDIA ADVISORY 26 April 2016 Philippines: UN torture review must spur reforms The Philippines authorities ust use its review at the UN Committee Against Torture (CAT) in Geneva from 27-28 April as an opportunity to break with its dark...
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Out of the Shadows: Fighting for the Rights of Sex Workers

“Six police officers did sex to me one by one. They were armed with guns so I had to do it,” Mona, a mother of two in her late thirties...

‘I was 12 years old when they took my dad away – we never saw him again’

29 May 2015 Filipino national Ronaldo Lopez Ulep was arrested in front of three of his children at his home in the Qatari capital, Doha, on 7 April 2010. After being repeatedly tortured in...

Happy birthday, Jerryme!

On 16 February, Jerryme Corre celebrated his birthday, joined by his wife and Amnesty Philippines staff at Angeles City Jail. Jerryme has spent the last three years imprisoned there after...

The Philippines has a dark, open secret

When a man’s severed head turns up in Manila Bay with three gunshots through the cranium, one would reasonably expect the authorities to fast-track the investigation of such a grisly...

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