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Press Release: Maguindanao Massacre

22 November 2015 Maguindanao massacre’s mockery of justice, PNoy’s legacy? – Amnesty Human rights defenders, local journalists and witnesses to Maguindanao massacre, the world’s largest single attack on journalists committed in 2009, remains at risk of unlawful killings said Amnesty...


AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL PHILIPPINES PUBLIC STATEMENT Indigenous Peoples face discrimination and marginalization all over the world. As if their suffering due to poverty, landlessness, malnutrition, internal displacement and the lack of access to education and health services aren’t enough, their elders,...


AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL PHILIPPINES PUBLIC STATEMENT 21 September 2015 Tens of thousands of victims of human rights abuses such as arbitrary arrests, torture, disappearance and extra-judicial killings were reported by Amnesty International from 1975-1986. Even before the declaration of Martial Law by...

Detained torture survivor on hunger strike

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC STATEMENT Index: MDE 29/2456/2015 15 September 2015 The Moroccan authorities must implement the UN body’s decision, protect Ali Aarrass from further abuse while he remains imprisoned, and ensure he has effective access to justice, Amnesty International said. Ali...

August 30 is Int’l Day for the Disappeared

The Day of the Disappeared: Enforced disappearances continue unabated in every region of the world 27 August 2015 The use of enforced disappearance by governments to silence its critics and instill fear into targeted groups continues unabated in every region...

Amnesty votes to adopt policy on sex workers

Press Release Global movement votes to adopt policy to protect human rights of sex workers 11 August 2015 A crucial vote to protect the human rights of sex workers was passed today in Dublin at Amnesty International’s decision-making forum, the International...
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Trains to Nowhere – Hungary’s harsh welcome for refugees

4 September 2015 His brother just looked at him. The Pakistani man in his fifties lay lifeless beside a train track a few hundred metres from Bicske train station. It is...

‘I was 12 years old when they took my dad away – we never saw him again’

29 May 2015 Filipino national Ronaldo Lopez Ulep was arrested in front of three of his children at his home in the Qatari capital, Doha, on 7 April 2010. After being repeatedly tortured in...

Happy birthday, Jerryme!

On 16 February, Jerryme Corre celebrated his birthday, joined by his wife and Amnesty Philippines staff at Angeles City Jail. Jerryme has spent the last three years imprisoned there after...

The Philippines has a dark, open secret

When a man’s severed head turns up in Manila Bay with three gunshots through the cranium, one would reasonably expect the authorities to fast-track the investigation of such a grisly...

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